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Looking for a modern MACH Architecture?

The Emporix Commerce Orchestration Platform ticks all the boxes: Microservices, API First, Cloud-native SaaS, Headless.

If you want to be an innovation leader, there is no way around a modern MACH Architecture.

Emporix MACH Architecture

What is MACH Architecture?

MACH is a technology concept that builds on:

  • M: Microservices
  • A: API First
  • C: Cloud-native SaaS
  • H: Headless

Monolithic and rigid eCommerce software applications are a thing of the past.

MACH architecture is a business enabler. Modern eCommerce software is agile, scalable and secure with practically unlimited possibilities to make your solution as unique as your company.

Emporix has joined the MACH Alliance in 2022, together advocating for open and best-of-breed enterprise technology ecosystem. 


Example MACH Architecture including Emporix

“Monolithic applications and the technical debt they impose often prevent organizations from moving quickly and achieving their desired business outcomes.”

Gartner - Composable Commerce Must Be Adopted for the Future of Applications

What are the Building Blocks of MACH Architecture?

MACH Architecture Microservices


Be agile and flexible thanks to parallel development and frequent deployments

MACH Architecture API First

API First

Easily integrate your legacy systems and 3rd party services thanks to consistent endpoints


Cloud-native SaaS

Reliability, availability, performance, elastic scaling and a maximum of security

MACH Architecture Headless Commerce


Enjoy complete freedom for your customer experience and its operation

What are the Benefits of MACH Architecture?

MACH Customer Experience

Be unique

The customer experience (CX) is your face to your customers. With a headless MACH architecture, you have the full freedom to access your customers through any digital touch-point with any given technology.

MACH Time to Market

Be agile and fast

Forget about rigid monolithic applications. Solutions build on modern MACH architecture allow you to cut time to market and realize new ideas quickly and easily as you can combine existing capabilities.


Be efficient

Thanks to APIs with consistent and reliable endpoints, you can integrate to your legacy systems and build efficient end-to-end processes. And you can easily integrate proven best-in-class third party services.

Scalability of eCommerce Microservices

Scale at predictable cost

If monolithic applications bog down under heavy demand, the only option is to increase the computing power for the entire software application. This migration process is hard to do, time-consuming, and costly. In a MACH architecture, only the microservices that face a heavy payload have to scale up - and can scale down again when the peak is over. This is enabled by a modern and powerful cloud environment. No heads-up needed!

eCommerce Microservices are easy to update

Update more easily

Updates are an important part of any technology system. However, in traditional monolithic applications, updating requires retesting everything an application does – even a small change can cause unexpected bugs. Since an eCommerce microservice as part of a MACH architecture has just one job, as long as it keeps doing it correctly, other units of code are unlikely to be affected, so it’s a lot more fault-tolerant.

eCommerce Microservices are reusable

Reuse your software

It’s quite likely that businesses need to reuse code and functionality. A business may have applications that perform related tasks but need different user interfaces, or different systems need to call a piece of functionality over and over again. In cases like these, several clients can share an eCommerce microservice as part of a MACH architecture – it just needs to be written once and deployed where it's needed.

Avoid Vendor Lock-in with Microservices

Go Best-of-Breed

Choose the best solutions from the best vendors. Mixing APIs from multiple vendors is common in a modern MACH architecture and helps to overcome mediocracy in "get-everything-from-one-vendor-approaches". This makes it also easier to switch from one vendor to another and reduces vendor lock-in. Companies can even mix cloud services and combine components that run in different cloud environments.

Microservice security

Increase security

All software architectures face security issues. However, microservices in modern cloud environments are protected from public access with state-of-the-art authentication and authorization. This makes them less vulnerable to cyberattacks. Plus, gaining access to one microservice is an isolated event; which does not mean access is granted to the entire application. MACH architecture combines microservices and cloud setup.

Cleaner software design thanks to eCommerce Microservices

Keep your software tidy

The complexity of an application grows faster than the number of lines of code it contains. Everything has to work with everything else, and a change in any part may have unexpected effects somewhere else. A microservice is a relatively small software unit that interacts with other units only through APIs. The chances of unexpected side effects from a change are smaller, and easier to find and repair if they happen.

A modern Commerce Orchestration Platform does not only benefit from MACH Architecture, it is also Composable:

Can't get enough MACH Architecture? Read on:


Compose your ideal solution and gain virtually infinite possibilities. Build own capabilities and leverage existing services.

API First

APIs give you the freedom to build your digital ecosystem the way you want. Power your solution by an API first architecture.


Your visitors are unique, and so should your customer experience. Enable this with a MACH architecture.

Digitize your B2B commerce with the platform designed specifically for your needs. Increase efficiency, profitability and cut your costs with our composable commerce platform.

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