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Emporix Insights - What's next for grocery e-commerce

Ulrich Theilmann, Head of e-commerce MPREIS
Eberhardt Weber, CEO & Founder Emporix
Carsten Thoma, Investor & entrepreneur

The Evolution of Commerce 

Composable Commerce Insights with Udo Rauch

Most e-commerce enterprises are planning for change.
Udo Rauch is talking about some of the challenges e-commerce directors and IT teams are faced with when taking on a re-platforming project.

Challenges and Perspectives in the B2B grocery wholesale

A conversation with Emporix Sales Director, Thomas Klar - Challenges and Perspectives in the B2B grocery wholesale.

Moritz Zimmermann on the future of B2B commerce

A vision for the future of e-commerce.
Venture capitalist, e-commerce expert, and board member at Emporix, Moritz Zimmermann, recently took part in Oddity Open – a virtual event on composable commerce. Entitled ‘How to keep up with today’s accelerating pace of change’, Moritz was also joined by Michelle Beeson, Analyst at Forrester, and Dr. Roman Zenner from Shopify to discuss the future direction of digital commerce.

Emporix Partner Briefing Webinar

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