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CXP demo

Watch our on-demand Customer Execution Platform (CXP) demo. Learn what CXP is, how can it help you achieve better business outcomes and how the low-code, visual execution scenarios builder looks like.  

HubSpot Video

B2B Commerce Management

This video goes through some of the most important B2B eCommerce features that you can leverage to expand end enhance your business. 

HubSpot Video

Omnichannel with a modern MACH Architecture

On stage at K5, Berlin, Ulrich Theilmann, Head of E-Commerce at MPREIS in conversation with Stefan Schmidt, CPO & CTO at Emporix, about the digital transformation of MPREIS, one of the largest grocery chains in Austria. (In German language).

Moritz Zimmermann on the Future of B2B Commerce

A vision for the future of e-commerce with co-founder of hybris, venture capitalist, e-commerce expert, and board member at Emporix, Moritz Zimmermann.

Re-platforming to Composable Commerce

Most e-commerce enterprises are planning for change. Udo Rauch, e-commerce veteran, is talking about some of the challenges e-commerce directors and IT teams are faced with when taking on a re-platforming project.

Emporix Insights - What's next for Grocery eCommerce

Carsten Thoma, co-founder of hybris, investor & entrepreneur
Ulrich Theilmann, Head of e-commerce MPREIS
Eberhardt Weber, CEO & Founder Emporix

Challenges and Efficiency Gains in B2B Grocery Wholesale

More than ten years of learnings in the B2C grocery commerce space translated to B2B grocery wholesale. eCommerce expert Thomas Klar talks about challenges, solutions and efficiency gains.

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