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How to Orchestrate and Automate B2B Commerce

Watch the presentation of Eberhardt Weber, CEO of Emporix at the B2B Online Europe 2023 show in Berlin. Learn more about the Emporix Commerce Orchestration Engine that allows to automatically execute business processes based on business process insights coming from Celonis.

How Emporix boost AmerCareRoyal's Outcomes

Discover AmerCareRoyal's digital transformation journey with Emporix's Digital Commerce Platform. In collaboration with Avatria and Celonis, this initiative streamlined processes, fostered efficiency, and brought to life a visionary B2B self-service portal.

How to successfully orchestrate Best-of-Breed in B2B Commerce

Watch the DMEXCO 2023 Masterclass of Emporix and foryouandyourcustomers. Listen to Eberhardt Weber, CEO of Emporix and Axel Helbig, Managing Director of foryouandyourcustomers as they unravel the secrets of successful B2B commerce orchestration. (In German language).

Innovating B2B Commerce

Watch the presentation of Eberhardt Weber, CEO of Emporix at the Seamless show in Riyadh 2023, in which he delves into the future of B2B commerce in Saudi Arabia. Learn about the key role of technology in revolutionizing B2B commerce.

Scalable Promotions & Loyalty Programs in B2B — Webinar On Demand

Watch our "Scalable Promotions & Loyalty Programs with MACH" webinar featuring the demo of Voucherify & Emporix integration and it’s key features on an example storefront.

Scalable Promotions & Loyalty Programs for B2B 

Discover how MACH commerce & promotion software lets you build B2C-like shopping experiences for your B2B customers with MACH speed and enter the new level of scalability and peak performance. Watch the full demo presentation delivered jointly by Emporix, Voucherify and Grid Dynamics at the MACH TWO conference in Amsterdam, on the 13&14th of June.

Scalable Promotions & Loyalty Programs in B2B Commerce

Throughout the MACH TWO conference, taking place on the 13-14 of June in Amsterdam and hosted by the MACH Alliance we have presented a demo showcase with our partners, Voucherify and Grid Dynamics in the "Co-Lab Zone" networking area. Watch the video to discover our demo highlights.

linkedin live session

MACH Alliance Linkedin Live Session

A recent LinkedIn Live session with MACH Alliance featured an enlightening discussion on event-driven architecture and IT trends from a business perspective. 

Introducing Zocalo by Avatria

Avatria an Emporix partner, has developed Zocalo, an innovative accelerator transforming how businesses create and manage their online stores. Watch the video to understand how Zocalo empowers businesses to unlock their full e-commerce potential. 

Crawl, Walk, Run at MACH speed

Watch the AmerCareRoyal case study and learn what benefits MACH-certified Emporix Digital Commerce Platform and Emporix Commerce Execution Platform brought to their business. Keynote speakers: Alex Rodriguez, Business Analyst at AmerCareRoyal, Mike Razzoog, Chief Strategy and Growth Officer at Avatria, Eberhardt Weber, CEO at Emporix.

New Feature — Quotes Management

Digitize your Quotes Management with Emporix! Serve your B2B customers as they are used to in the offline world. Support the back-and-forth quoting process online and reduce manual work. Watch this video to learn how our quotes management feature works. Learn more about the feature here.

AmerCareRoyal testimonial

 In this video, Jeff de Sandre, CIO at AmerCareRoyal, shares how Emporix Commerce Execution Platform (CXP) has transformed his business. Discover how our cutting-edge technology can streamline your operations, increase productivity, and enhance customer satisfaction.

Data in a MACH vs Monolithic Tech Setup

Watch the video and discover the benefits of using MACH technology for data management and data analysis. The discussion covers the differences in data processes between MACH and monolithic tech setups, and explains how MACH can help companies become more data-driven and achieve their business goals.

Steps to Adpoting and Composing MACH Architectures

Watch our CEO, Eberhardt Weber discussing with Ronak Shah, Director of Architecture eCommerce at AWS, Darren Guarnaccia, President of Uniform and Julia Shkrabova, Head of Partnerships at Builder.io the steps enterprises need to take to adopt and compose MACH architectures.

B2B MACH Stories- journey to MACH Architecture

Watch Jeff deSandre, CIO at AmerCareRoyal, Eberhardt Weber, CEO at Emporix and Andy Wadsworth from Apply Digital talking about first steps in a journey to MACH Architecture.

CXP demo

Watch our on-demand Customer Execution Platform (CXP) demo. Learn what CXP is, how can it help you achieve better business outcomes and how the low-code, visual execution scenarios builder looks like.  

B2B Commerce Management

This video goes through some of the most important B2B eCommerce features that you can leverage to expand end enhance your business. 

Omnichannel with a modern MACH Architecture

On stage at K5, Berlin, Ulrich Theilmann, Head of E-Commerce at MPREIS in conversation with Stefan Schmidt, CPO & CTO at Emporix, about the digital transformation of MPREIS, one of the largest grocery chains in Austria. (In German language).

Moritz Zimmermann on the Future of B2B Commerce

A vision for the future of e-commerce with co-founder of hybris, venture capitalist, e-commerce expert, and board member at Emporix, Moritz Zimmermann.

Re-platforming to Composable Commerce

Most e-commerce enterprises are planning for change. Udo Rauch, e-commerce veteran, is talking about some of the challenges e-commerce directors and IT teams are faced with when taking on a re-platforming project.

Emporix Insights - What's next for Grocery eCommerce

Carsten Thoma, co-founder of hybris, investor & entrepreneur
Ulrich Theilmann, Head of e-commerce MPREIS
Eberhardt Weber, CEO & Founder Emporix

Challenges and Efficiency Gains in B2B Grocery Wholesale

More than ten years of learnings in the B2C grocery commerce space translated to B2B grocery wholesale. eCommerce expert Thomas Klar talks about challenges, solutions and efficiency gains.

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