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Composable Commerce Platform

The Heart of Your Digital Business Strategy.

A modern, enterprise-grade, composable commerce platform, for modern, composable businesses.

The 4th Generation of Digital Commerce brings together the concepts and strengths of service orientation (SOA), API-first, and Headless into Composable Commerce that allows you to combine exactly the components you need to make your Digital Commerce successful and sustainable.

Emporix Composable Commerce - API-first eCommerce Platform

5000 E-Commerce Projects.
150 Years of Combined Experience.
One Modern Commerce Architecture.

Gain the flexibility and scalability of a true cloud, composable commerce platform. Built from the ground up, the Emporix Platform has been designed to create innovative, distributed, and often complex digital commerce processes for B2B, B2C and D2C use cases.

Gain peace of mind with zero-downtime, elastic scaling, and an API first,  microservice architecture for the digital transformation of your critical business processes.

Scalability of Composable Commerce

Compose Your Ideal Commerce Solution.

Composable Commerce Capabilities

Virtually Infinite Possibilities

Think outside of the box. Don’t build inside it. Get all of the standard commerce capabilities and fit them into the business processes that are making you unique. Or create entirely new ones.

Composable commerce tool

Leverage Your Existing Tools

From Marketing to Order fulfillment, and everything in between – select from the best solutions available in the market and leverage what you already got, with a platform that seamlessly integrates it all.

Composable commerce technology

Look Sharp

React.JS, Vue.JS / ~Store, JAMStack, or mobile native technology –pick your poison –we don’t mind. Consume our web APIs wherever you see fit, or whatever delivers the best experience for your customers.

Composable Commerce

Meet Your Customers Where They Are.

Innovate with mobile devices, voice, IoT, M2M –in fact with virtually any digital channel –to deliver the best buying experience for your customers, whether you are selling to consumers or businesses.

A Composable Commerce Platform That Truly Scales.

End to End support commerce

Stay Online. 24/7

Gain all the great features of Kubernetes –self-healing, rollouts and rollbacks, service discovery and load balancing.

Our cloud native, composable commerce application uses all performance enhancements you could think of, and more.

Composable Commerce Performance

Peak Traffic.
Peak Performance

No traffic anxiety. No system failures. No disappointed customers. No lost revenue.

An API-first platform that scales up and down as needed for your e-commerce business to thrive.

Composable Commerce Support

Heads Up? We Don’t Need It

No need for 10-day warnings and wasting calories on predicting 12-month e-commerce traffic fluctuations.

Auto Scaling allows you to grow up or down – so you are ready for peak usage at any time.

Composable Commerce Platform

Give Your Developers A Break.

Creating business UIs can take a lot of time. Integrating them into management dashboards of other SaaS offerings is nearly impossible.

Our management dashboard is based on a micro frontend architecture that makes it easy for developers to add new functionalities.

With SSO support for multiple vendors, user administration is a breeze. Business users gain instant access –using the credentials they already have.

Composable. Simple. And Secure.

Add What Makes You Unique.

Have a platform that adapts to you –not the other way around. Effortlessly introduce new business processes. Extended on every level: Customer UI, Business User UI, Business Logic, New Data, Processes & Workflows.

Benefit from proven business logic with end-to-end support of composable commerce in B2B and B2C.

Secure and GDPR Compliant.

Worry less knowing your tenant data is yours only –and no one else's.

All API endpoints are secured by OAuth 2.0 access tokens. Our platform is compliant with GDPR and PCIDSS standards.