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Stefan Schmidt

Stefan serves as Chief Product Officer at Emporix where he oversees the product direction, design, strategy, and overall market fit for the company. As a leading visionary on trends in cloud business models and the e-commerce market for nearly 20 years, Stefan facilitated Hybris’ recognition as the leading provider of digital commerce software by Gartner and Forrester. At Hybris, Stefan was one of the core team members, where he designed and developed a number of key products –including its order management, mobile and customer service offerings. Stefan also shaped Hybris’ positioning inside the SAP portfolio following the acquisition and expanded its scope by adding marketing services and sales. In recent years, Stefan advised and supported software startups as an angel investor to help businesses develop and grow.

Stories by Stefan


Wie Sie Ihren E-Commerce zukunftssicher machen

Entdecken Sie die Kunst, Ihr eCommerce-Geschäft mit einem Composable-Commerce-Ansatz zukunftssicher zu machen. Lernen Sie, wie Sie sich anpassen,...

Composable Commerce

Wie man den ROI für Kundenerfahrungen misst

Wie lässt sich der ROI von Kundenerfahrungen messen? Was sind die Haupthindernisse für den Business Case für Kundenerfahrung? Forrester-Infografik...

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