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Outperform your competitors

Your business is unique. But does your digital commerce software enable you to do your business the way you want to?

Emporix gives you the freedom to implement your unique processes.


Your business is unique

Enterprise business environments with sophisticated processes and complex IT legacy landscapes require a digital commerce platform that can adapt to the requirements of the business process - not the other way round.

Many legacy e-commerce systems are limited in the way they allow you to modify their standard processes. Or even worse, they don’t give you the freedom to build your commerce touchpoints like websites or mobile devices individually.

Adapt or be left behind

Adaptability is key to business success and competitive advantage, especially when doing e-commerce in a fast-paced market.

With ever-changing user expectations and high-speed technological evolution, the use of adaptable, compatible e-commerce infrastructure has become business-critical.


Customers shape your e-commerce business

Welcome to the age of user behavior and buying experience across multiple devices and channels driving e-commerce. This is particularly true in B2B, where your offer becomes one with your customers' businesses.

Here, the “ease of doing business” and process efficiency have long replaced price as a differentiating factor.

Monolithic legacy systems slow down your innovation

With a monolithic legacy system that has grown organically over many years and is now locked in complexity, any adaptation becomes a risky project that consumes lots of resources and time.

Your development team struggles with confusing structures and interdependencies instead of releasing new features in time.

Especially systems with non-headless architectures make it almost impossible to provide the required customer touchpoints and backend integrations without adding more and more complexity and technical debts.


Your e-commerce infrastructure needs to be as flexible and elastic as possible to be built on and quickly adapt to any market changes

Successful e-commerce businesses need to continually grow and adjust to meet the ever-changing requirements of various stakeholders - customers, partners, product owners, etc.

Your digital infrastructure must support maximum agility by allowing rapid adaptation to new requirements as efficiently and risk-averse as possible.

A platform like Emporix, that provides adaptive e-commerce by design, helps you increase development efficiency and significantly reduce time-to-market.


How to get to adaptive e-commerce

Making your e-commerce business adaptable to ensure superior customer experience and competitiveness doesn't mean having to rebuild your entire infrastructure from scratch.

Just integrate your legacy and backend systems, as well as third-party services, into a modern, flexible, and customizable ecosystem using Emporix.


Become master of adaptability with Emporix

"By 2023, 50% of new commerce capabilities will be incorporated as API-centric SaaS services."

Gartner - Composable Commerce Must Be Adopted for the Future of Applications

Emporix's headless and API 1st architecture allows you to implement your sophisticated business process in the way you want it. And it empowers your business to remain agile in the future, adapting with the changing behavior of your business and your customers.

By applying our API-first approach to development, Emporix enables your business to innovate faster than your competition and reshape the market you operate in.

With Emporix you lay the foundation for an e-commerce ecosystem that is fully flexible with regard to any kind of touchpoints like web, mobile or IoT and reliably integrates your own and third-party APIs and can be flexibly adapted to new requirements.