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Emporix — the best SAP Hybris alternative

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Run commerce with business insights that matter. Migrate to Emporix composable commerce and quickly build a unique commerce ecosystem that helps you play to your strengths. 

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Why Emporix is the Best Alternative to SAP Hybris?


Increase your Revenue

Optimize your business performance using automated workflows that execute your decisions based on insights that matter.


Innovate and Test Easily

Implement your innovative business ideas quickly and test new concepts thanks to flexibility and compatibility of an API-first commerce platform.


Future-proof your Business

Easily connect new software solutions or data sources. Forget about version upgrades.

Run your business with insights that matter

Your commerce platform should provide you with all KPIs necessary to run commerce better - deliver a better customer experience, sell at better prices and operate at lower costs to fulfil an order eventually. The reality is that SAP Hybris has no understanding of business insights. If you are a current SAP Hybris user, ask yourself a couple of questions:

  • How often do you advertise/promote products you don’t have in stock? 
  • How much money have you wasted advertising products you can’t deliver? 
  • How often have you disappointed customers in doing so? 
  • Is it really in business interest to recommend products to your customers that they would buy anyway or should you rather recommend products that you have in stock and binding capital but don’t sell fast enough? 
  • Does SAP Hybris truly help you to run a more profitable, more cost-effective business? 
  • Or does it only enable you to sell digitally without any regard to the operational challenges it causes inside your business? 

Run Commerce with Insights that Matter

Together with Celonis, we built a revolutionary new solution called Commerce Execution Platform (CXP) that closes the gap between the internal operational processes and the external customer interaction processes informed by real-time insights into customer behavior and business performance. CXP helps you to: 


Expand Revenue

Protect existing revenue sources & build new ones.

Build new avenues of revenue by auto-restricting payment methods or recommend optimal substitutes.


Delight Customers

Raise the bar for higher levels of customer satisfaction.

Streamline actions, automate communications & enable full transparency of order status.


Improve Productivity

Attain faster processing by reducing manual labor.

Automate & orchestrate between systems that were previously siloed.


Boost Sustainability

Reach & exceed sustainability targets.

Meet regulatory standards by minimizing returns & improve excess inventory levels.

Free your Business Strategy from the Ball-and-Chain

Did you buy everything from SAP but still can’t get the end-to-end process value you were hoping for? Should everything be connected, but it still is not? There is this new, fantastic tool everyone is raving about that solves that one problem you have, but integration is cost-prohibitive or simply not possible unless you spend time and money migrating to the next release which delivers no new added value to your customers initially. Instead of becoming the propeller for your business strategy, SAP Hybris became it’s ball-and-chain.


Build Connections Easily

Emporix is the best alternative to SAP Hybris as it is built with an ecosystem of customers, suppliers, channel partners, your business and software tools in mind. We understand that your commerce processes no longer run within the box defined by SAP but across many different tools and actors. We have made it our mission to make it easier for you to make connections —  be it with:


Tools you Want to Use

Channel Partners to Sell Through


Customers you Want to Win


Suppliers you Want to Work With

Play to your Strengths

Emporix is the best alternative to SAP Hybris as it allows you to digitize and run your business exactly the way you want. The freedom of our cloud-native, MACH-certified* technology offers endless possibilities to build channels that will reflect the uniqueness of your business.

*Emporix is an official member of the MACH Alliance, who recognize modern architecture that is Microservices-based, API-first, Cloud-native and Headless.


Stop Wasting Time on Version Upgrades

Stop thinking about version upgrades and get the new functionalities delivered continuously, no downtime required with Emporix, the best SAP Hybris alternative.

  • How many releases are you behind the official release schedule? 
  • How many months of work have been quoted by your implementation partner to upgrade your solution to the latest version and to get the functionality you need? 
  • When is the right time to do the upgrade and go offline for several hours? 
  • Is the risk of failing the upgrade worth the effort?

Get the New Functionalities Delivered Continously

At Emporix, we continuously deploy new functionalities, often multiple times daily. Never taking you offline - zero downtime guaranteed. It’s part of our DNA. Our REST APIs remain stable for a long time, and even when we introduce a new version of an API, multiple versions of the contract remain available to you, making it easy for you to decide when or if you want to migrate to this specific new functionality without the need to change any other endpoint. 

Unlike hosted or on-premise solutions you won’t need to update/upgrade the entire solution just to gain functionality in a particular area. With Emporix you can pick a small, well-contained area that you might want to change - making it a significantly less daunting task with dramatically less impact on your budget and the risk associated with that change.


Lower your TCO 

We charge a simple, easy-to-predict monthly subscription fee. We will never ship a release to you that contains code of functionality that you will never use or need. Improvements or patches will just happen. No downtime, no planning, and no effort on your side. No one needed to deploy a minor release or run a database update. 


Stop Burning Money on Unused Hardware 

You are literally burning money for unused hardware for 95% of the year. But you still went offline, didn’t you? Because traffic was better than expected, or this new algorithm needed more resources than thought, killing the system single-handedly.  


Scale Dynamically Instead 

Businesses that operate in markets where demand regularly fluctuates require e-commerce technologies that can scale dynamically and reliably. This is how you can continue to guarantee outstanding customer experiences at all times. We are continuously monitoring our system and can autoscale our offering based on actual demand - no need to make predictions - being either underpowered and thus frustrating your customers when your offering goes offline or overpowered and paying more for what you need, burning money on unused hardware. 


Future-Proof your Business

All-in-one e-commerce systems should be a thing of the past. Today, business success depends on your ability to combine the best technologies available into your service offering. A composable architecture allows you to orchestrate best-of-breed capabilities. The headless architecture ensures future compatibility with other software platforms, scalability and flexibility. 

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Play to your Strengths 

Your business is unique. But does your digital commerce software enable you to run your business exactly the way you want to? Emporix gives you the freedom to implement all of the processes that make your business tick.


Why Should you Migrate to Composable Commerce?

Learn what's critical to realigning your digital commerce platform strategy - moving away from rigid legacy systems paralyzing your business to composable commerce that makes your business agile, sustainable and future-proof.

Working with CXP and Emporix is like if I am an artist, the UI is the canvas and I am using the microservices as my paint. CXP takes the pain out of delivering the relevant data that is going to wow our customers. That's where the magic comes in.

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What is SAP Hybris?

SAP Hybris is a suite of software products for customer relationship management, e-commerce, and product content management. The suite is designed to help businesses manage their interactions with customers and create a consistent, personalized experience across all customer touchpoints.

What is Emporix?

Emporix digital commerce platform manages advanced commerce for both B2B and B2C with state-of-the-art composable commerce architecture. It provides a similar range of features to SAP Hybris but it is based on a modern, MACH (Microservices-based, API-first, Cloud-based and Headless) architecture and allows companies to make insights actionable thanks to a revolutionary Commerce Execution Platform.

Read more about the Emporix Digital Commerce Platform. 

SAP Hybris vs SAP Commerce Cloud

SAP Hybris is the name of the suite of software products that was developed by the company Hybris, which was acquired by SAP in 2013. SAP Commerce Cloud is the new name for the same suite of products after it was rebranded by SAP.

SAP Commerce Cloud is a cloud-based solution, meaning that it is hosted on SAP's servers and accessed via the internet. SAP Hybris, on the other hand, can be deployed either on-premises (i.e. on the customer's own servers) or in the cloud. 

Overall, the main difference between SAP Hybris and SAP Commerce Cloud is the delivery model (i.e. cloud-based vs on-premises) and the branding of the product suite.