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eCommerce Platform

Always One Step Ahead with the Emporix eCommerce Platform

Your customers are unique, so should your customer experience. This is only possible with a modern eCommerce platform.

The Emporix eCommerce platform ensures you can easily stay flexible with the changing behavior of your enterprise customers. And you can scale with the growing demand. Build a modern and flexible frontend and integrate your enterprise legacy and backend systems as well as third-party services.

eCommerce Platform

What is an eCommerce Platform?

An eCommerce Platform describes a software system that allows customers to buy goods and services through an interactive online experience in a self-service manner.

The eCommerce platform provides information necessary for customers to make purchasing decisions and uses business rules and data to submit orders for payment with complete price information.

Typical components of an eCommerce platform are product catalogs, pricing information, shopping cart, checkout, support for search and payment as well as customer account management.

The Emporix eCommerce platform is a headless and API first system that separates between frontend and backend. The frontend is the customer facing user interface that can be optimized for different devices. The backend caters for business logic running in the cloud and data storage.

What is an eCommerce Platform

Benefits of a modern eCommerce Platform

Ecommerce Platform

Create unique experiences

Don’t limit yourself in terms of brand experiences, countries or digital sales and marketing channels. You can access your customers through any digital channel and give them a superb customer experience.

Headless ecommerce platform

Be fast and agile

Emporix helps you to make new ideas real and to set trends quickly and easily. The modern eCommerce platform provides the business logic through its APIs. You can concentrate on the customer-facing experience.

Integrate headless ecommerce systems

Leverage existing systems

You can add business logic in a coherent and standardized way as part of your back-end system. Use the Emporix eCommerce platform and its APIs to integrate legacy software, third-party technology, or any kind of services.

“We’ve seen two years’ worth of digital
transformation in two months.”

Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella on a recent quarterly earnings call

How does an eCommerce Platform work?

The traditional way

Traditionally, eCommerce platforms were built in a monolithic way. Front-end and Back-end were one big software system, which made it not very easy to maintain and update. In later phases, the software vendor has put an API layer on top of the existing monolithic architecture.

This brings some benefits but is not really competitive to a modern eCommerce platform archtitecture.

eCommerce platform the easy way
Emporix Headless eCommerce

The Emporix eCommerce platform

Thanks to the API first architecture built by Emporix you get the most modern eCommerce platform and you benefit from maximum flexibility and consistency with any type of touch-point. This includes individual web customer experiences as well as mobile, text, social media, voice commerce, and connected devices.

Emporix’s cloud-native microservices enable agile development and short release cycles to implement innovations rapidly.

With Emporix, you choose a state-of-the-art eCommerce platform.

A really Modern eCommerce Platform

To realise the full potential of an eCommerce platform, a really modern system needs to be built on microservices with APIs and follow these principles:





API first




Stay extensible

The Emporix eCommerce platform based on microservices allows rapid development and continuous deployment. Therefore test times can be reduced and the number of release cycles can be increased.

Several small teams can work in parallel to enable your business for everything that may come in the future.

Save developers

Focus your precious developer resources on what makes your business unique. Instead of building from scratch, use all core capabilities from the Emporix eCommerce platform. Stop re-inventing the wheel.

Consume core eCommerce capabilities stress-free from Emporix in the cloud and keep your IT lean.

Use the standard

With Emporix, you don't have to decide anymore, we solve the “buy vs build” dilemma for you. The separation of front-end and back-end allows you to ensure that your own IP (Intellectual Property) is protected.

Benefit from automatic and frequent updates for the Emporix standard software of the eCommerce platform.

A modern eCommerce Platform is:


A real cloud native software architecture means a lot more than just hosting your applications in the cloud. It means speed and agility.

API First

Using APIs to build a modern eCommerce platform gives you infinite options to create customer experiences and to integrate backend systems.


A modern software architecture for eCommerce platforms that enables a level of agility and flexibility that wasn’t possible before.