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Emporix – a new name in online commerce

Welcome to our new e-commerce brand, Emporix!

Despite Internet World Expo being postponed due to the global Coronavirus outbreak, we're still ready to launch and wanted to share some background behind the new brand - formed from SAAS AG - and how we intend to use it to help businesses develop their online commerce operations.

Introducing Emporix

Our aim is to help firms develop a successful e-commerce strategy. The key to this is establishing a technology platform and IT infrastructure that allows your business to be agile in the face of developments in the online commerce world.

As new technology comes to the market, firms must be able to implement new innovations swiftly.

The pitfalls of the monolith

Traditional e-commerce platforms often use one piece of monolithic software. Every change that is made can result in an impact in another area. This means making changes can become both time consuming and expensive as each alteration requires long test cycles and adds risk.

Even where monolithic e-commerce infrastructures have separated the front-end and backend platforms, individual services often remain linked, typically sharing the same business logic and datasets, meaning that a change designed to improve the frontend user experience for example, can be far more complicated than initially anticipated.

Emporix and headless commerce

At Emporix, we offer a headless commerce solution, driven by microservices and APIs. Our company is formed from SAAS AG, which has pioneered the technology in the online grocery sector and under our new Emporix brand we are ow expanding into other areas of e-commerce.

A headless commerce approach to IT infrastructure allows companies to split the front and back ends of their e-commerce platform. This provides flexibility and consistency when it comes to including new customer touchpoints in an e-commerce infrastructure. Each new touchpoint can be connected to the backend system using APIs, without the need for different technologies.

This flexibility and agility can be further increased with the use of microservices within the overall e-commerce system. These self-contained elements can operate independently and run on their own logic, meaning development teams can alter an area of the system and deploy new capabilities without immediately impacting other areas. This improves overall development and testing time in particular.

A headless commerce approach, driven by APIs and microservices, also solves the traditional build or buy dilemma. Our core microservices provide a ready to go e-commerce backend system, meaning you can focus ‘build’ time on the areas of the business that are unique to you, such as your website or other customer facing touchpoints!

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