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Emporix - The Core of Digital Commerce.

About Emporix.

Emporix provides an enterprise-grade digital commerce platform.

The Emporix Digital Commerce Platform (DCP) manages advanced commerce in B2B and B2C with a state-of-the-art composable commerce architecture.

Retailers, wholesalers, manufacturers, and brands can innovate their business models and differentiate themselves through technology.

Companies can implement their unique business processes by consuming existing core commerce services à la carte and focus their own resources on what makes them special. They can serve any kind of touchpoints in a consistent way, integrate best-of-breed capabilities, and enable agile development. They benefit from automatic scaling with online demands, zero downtime, predictable cost and unparalleled security.

Emporix provides this by a true-cloud architecture based on headless microservices and an API-first approach. Its multi-tenancy concept is extensible on all levels and continuously delivers new features. Emporix orchestrates its own as well as 3rd party packaged business capabilities and provides day-to-day support along end-to-end business processes with its Management Dashboard.

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Our Name


Emporix combines traditional trade with state-of-the-art technology.

The word emporio is of Greek origin and means trade.

The X stands for modern technology.

Our Offices


Fabrikstrasse 5


Cham, Switzerland


Calwer Straße 23


Stuttgart, Germany


Górnych Wałów 15


Gliwice, Poland

Our Values



Our clients

We provide and orchestrate the best-in-class business tools that enable retailers, wholesalers, and manufacturers to fully play to their strengths based on what makes them unique.


Their customers

We enable our clients to improve their online experience by providing new customer centric capabilities on all touch-points in a frictionless manner. For example, we help busy families and elderly or disabled people to buy groceries easily online. Or we help businesses access important data about their operations in real time.


Our employees

We value our employees. That is why we offer a working environment with a lot of personal responsibility, freedom and open communication, so that they feel good, achieve visible results and can make an important contribution every day.


Our planet

We care about the planet. That's why we strive to save resources. For example, by avoiding unnecessary air travel, no competition for the biggest company car and no far-away internal meetings.

Eberhardt Weber

Eberhardt Weber


Eberhardt has been active in e-commerce for over 20 years. He was managing director at hybris (now SAP) in a very early and formative phase, helped build one of the first extranets at Hewlett-Packard, and has accompanied countless digitization projects at Intershop and other companies.

In 2010, Eberhardt founded the Lieferladen.de online supermarket in Stuttgart, which to this day successfully demonstrates how fresh everyday groceries are sold. This was followed by the founding of SAAS Software as a Service, which developed e-commerce software for the food retail industry.

Since 2020, the headless commerce solution for all industries has been offered under the Emporix brand.

Stefan Schmidt

Stefan Schmidt


Stefan serves as Chief Product Officer at Emporix where he oversees the product direction, design, strategy, and overall market fit for the company.

As a leading visionary on trends in cloud business models and the e-commerce market for nearly 20 years, Stefan facilitated Hybris’ recognition as the leading provider of digital commerce software by Gartner and Forrester.

At Hybris, Stefan was one of the core team members, where he designed and developed a number of key products –including its order management, mobile and customer service offerings. Stefan also shaped Hybris’ positioning inside the SAP portfolio following the acquisition and expanded its scope by adding marketing services and sales. In recent years, Stefan advised and supported software startups as an angel investor to help businesses develop and grow.


Udo Rauch


Udo has spent the last 20 years in software sales, and the last 10 years leading sales teams for companies like IBM, Intershop and commercetools.

At Emporix, he serves as Chief Sales Officer where he focuses on targeted growth and refining their long-term go-to-market strategies.

His extensive knowledge in enterprise software and deep experience in B2B sales enhances the team’s goals to be the leading platform in advanced digital e-commerce. His main focus is to drive a more customer-centric sales process –aligning sales, marketing, and partnerships to position Emporix as the dominant leader in the headless e-commerce market.


Carsten Thoma

Carsten Thoma is an enterprise software entrepreneur and visionary who has helped shape the technological shift of an entire industry with Hybris, a company he co-founded and sold to SAP in 2013 in a multi-billion dollar transaction. Thoma was most recently President at SAP Hybris (now SAP CX), where he successfully created the first end2end front office suite embracing all customer touch points. Back then the fastest growing business unit it was critical to SAP’s successful paradigm shift in moving the customer to the cloud.

Carsten is now an investor in early stage to growth companies, amongst those global successes like Celonis, Mirakl, Glia and many more. As an entrepreneuer he acts as founding investor and interims executive of companies like emporix and Rollio.


Moritz Zimmerman

Moritz is an experienced software entrepreneur and a leader in tech & product. As a co-founder of Hybris, a global category leader for digital commerce who sold to SAP in 2013 in a multi-billion dollar transaction, he has helped shape the future of an entire industry.

Moritz was most recently the CTO for SAP Customer Experience, the company’s fastest growing business unit, where he was responsible for aligning product innovation and engineering a product portfolio spanning across CRM-, Marketing-, CDP-, Commerce-, CPQ- to Billing software and 3.000 headcount. Moritz holds an MBA from LMU Munich and a Bachelor’s from the University of St. Gallen.


Thomas Wilke

Thomas has a longstanding experience as a technology & product leader for complex marketing and e-commerce applications. As a founder of eCircle, Europe’s leading Marketing Tech Company, he was responsible for product development and operations. eCircle was sold to Teradata (NYSE: TDC) in 2012.

At Teradata, he led the global development and deployment of Teradata’s Marketing Cloud Business Unit with 1500 headcount and was part of the extended global leadership team. Thomas studied in Karlsruhe and Boston and holds a MSc in Business Engineering. 

Our Leadership

Founder, CEO & Executive Chairman

Eberhardt Weber


Stefan Schmidt


Udo Rauch

Our Board

Carsten Thoma

Moritz Zimmerman

Thomas Wilke