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Multi-Site Platform

Multi-Site. Multi-Tenant. Infinite Possibilities.

Get the most out of one platform. Create multiple tenants or build multiple sites within one tenant.

Multi-Site. Multi-Tenant. Infinite Possibilities

A Platform That Grows With You.

Efficiently manage all of your online sites, all in one place with our multi-site capabilities. And centrally manage your product catalogue, merchandising, order management and fulfillment processes. Gain a multi-tenant architecture for isolated customer data and configurations –enabling scalable upgrades and feature roll-outs.

A Platform That Grows With You

Unify Your Sites

One Master Product Catalogue.

Get one master catalogue. Easily manage all your products. And utilize a common digital commerce infrastructure.

Distinct Product Assortments.

Manage products by site, brand, customer, location, availability and more.

Own Look & Feel.

Give each of your multiple retail brands their own look and feel. All functionalities are available through our APIs.

Site-Specific Attributes. Built-In.

Stock Availability

Get visibility into stock information and availability.

Delivery Options

Effortlessly handle different delivery times and methods.


Easily change prices that differ from your master catalogue.


Support each site, regardless of language or currency.

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