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Pricing, Promotions & Discounts

Smarter Pricing.
Better Business.

Calculate product prices based on various metrics. Effortlessly run promotions, offer discounts, manage customer loyalty programs, and more.

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Leverage Our Price Engine.
Or Bring Your Own

Get all the benefits of smart pricing with an effective price engine. Leverage ours, or simply plug your pricing engine into our APIs and you’re good to go. No waiting. No wondering. All subsequent processes and invoice generation will use the engine you choose.


Offers You Can’t Refuse.


Simple promotions like BOGOF are built into our solution. For more complex and sophisticated promotions, we work together with solutions such as Talon.One. Or, you can bring your own promotion engine so you don’t have to change a thing.


Offer discounts on the entire cart, or just one item from a certain brand or category. You can now easily provide discounts at any level –on products or by customer status, all in one system.

Pick Your Prices

Single Unit

Price per item, and each variant for that item.


Price based on weight, product volume, and quantity ordered


Easily manage price changes during checkout, order fulfillment.


Sell multiples with scaled prices on quantity, volume or weight.

Net _ Gross

Net & Gross

Accurately display net and gross prices for every product you sell.


Define parameters and determine which price to show for each product.

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