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Product Information Management

Effortless Management
of Your Catalogue.

A complete PIM solution for your core products and
your digital assets.
All in one place.

Any Catalogue. Any Size.

Easily integrate with industry-leading partners -get solutions that revolutionize the search function and provide an excellent user experience.

What You Can Expect.

Rich Product Information

Help your customers shop easier with more than just a name and a price. Quickly get product data online.

Add photos, videos, audio and specific product attributes for a better customer experience.


Seamlessly introduce new product types on the fly. Use industry standards such as GPC, eClass, bmeCat, etim and more to make your products easily interchangeable with other players in the market.

Faceted Search

Add filters for all product attributes. And gain instant search suggestions for a better shopping experience.

Product Comparisons

Let customers compare products easily. And automatically create comparison charts from product attributes.

Fast Data Imports

Get started quickly. Effortlessly import all product data through our APIs, file or batch upload.

API Accesible

All functionality is available through webAPIs. Simply integrate the PIM system with your user interfaces, digital channels or workflows.

More If You Can’t Get Enough.


Gain full support for i18n and ISO 639-1 language schemes.


Manage the content for all your channels
–from digital, mobile to channel
partners. All in one place.


Group, organize and view products any
way you want –by sales, brand, region, location, or customer.

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