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Product Information Management

Effortless Product Information Management.

A complete PIM (Product Information Management) solution for your products and your digital assets that helps you keep track of products, their attributes, and other information. It can also help with managing inventory and other product-related processes. All in one place.

what is product information management?

Effectively managing all the information required to market and sell products

A Product Information Management (PIM) solution provides a centralized location for collecting, managing, and enriching product information. This information can be used to create a product catalog, which can be distributed to all eCommerce channels. PIM solutions can help improve product data quality, reduce time to market, and increase sales and profits.

A PIM API is an interface that allows applications to access and update product information in a PIM system.

With a composable eCommerce platform, you are enabled to connect the PIM solution of your choice and even use existing ones for a quick go-to market with minimal resources.

The benefit of a modern PIM solution

Any Catalogue. Any Size.

Easily integrate with industry-leading partners -get solutions that revolutionize the search function and provide an excellent user experience.

Our integration with industry-leading partners provides solutions that revolutionize the product information management function and provide an unparalleled level of control and insights.

Improve the quality of your data

There is no single silver bullet for improving data quality, but a PIM solution can help ecommerce businesses by providing a centralized repository for product information. This can help ensure that all stakeholders have access to the latest and most accurate product data, and that data is consistently formatted across all channels.

In addition, a PIM solution can provide workflow tools to help manage the process of data entry and review, and can help track changes over time.

composable commerce makes your planning more reliable

Achieve faster time to market

There are a few things that our systems you can help you with in order to achieve a faster time to market with a product information management solution for tailored for eCommerce.

First,  have a clear and concise product data strategy in place. This will help to ensure that your product data is organized and easy to access.

Secondly, consider using a PIM solution that offers automated data entry and data management features. This will help to speed up the process of adding and updating product data.

Finally, consider using a product information management solution that offers a wide range of ecommerce integration options. This will allow you to quickly and easily connect your PIM solution to your ecommerce platform.

What You Can Expect.

Rich Product Information

Help your customers shop easier with more than just a name and a price. Quickly get product data online.

Add photos, videos, audio and specific product attributes for a better customer experience.


Seamlessly introduce new product types on the fly. Use industry standards such as GPC, eClass, bmeCat, etim and more to make your products easily interchangeable with other players in the market.

Faceted Search

Add filters for all product attributes. And gain instant search suggestions for a better shopping experience.

Product Comparisons

Let customers compare products easily. And automatically create comparison charts from product attributes.

Fast Data Imports

Get started quickly. Effortlessly import all product data through our APIs, file or batch upload.

API Accessible

All functionality is available through webAPIs. Simply integrate the PIM system with your user interfaces, digital channels or workflows.