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headless ecommerce Platform

Stay ahead with a Headless eCommerce Platform

Your visitors are unique, so should your customer experience be. This is only possible with a headless eCommerce platform.

Integrate your enterprise legacy and backend systems as well as third-party services to a modern, flexible and personalizable frontend. The Emporix headless ecommerce architecture ensures you can easily stay flexible and scale with the changing behavior of your enterprise customers.


What is a Headless eCommerce Platform?

A Headless eCommerce Platform describes an eCommerce software that has a separation of front-end and back-end.

This software architecture enables maximum freedom for front-end customer experiences without affecting your back-end infrastructure.

The communication between front-end and back-end happens through standardized APIs (Application Programming Interfaces). These APIs enable also easy integration of other applications like legacy systems or third-party services.


“We’ve seen two years’ worth of digital
transformation in two months.”

Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella on a recent quarterly earnings call

Benefits of a Headless eCommerce Platform

Ecommerce Platform

Build unique customers experiences

Access your customers through any digital touch-point and give them a total customer experience. Don’t limit yourself in terms of digital sales and marketing channels, brand experiences, or countries.

Headless ecommerce platform

Cut time to market

Emporix helps you to realize new ideas and to set trends quickly and easily as the headless eCommerce platform provides the business logic and you only have to work on the customer-facing experience.

Integrate headless ecommerce systems

Integrate other systems more easily

Use the Emporix headless eCommerce platform and its APIs to integrate legacy systems, third-party services, or any kind of technology. Add business logic in a coherent and standardized way as part of the back-end system.

How does a Headless eCommerce Platform work?

The easy way

In the simplest and not really modern way, the software vendor has put an API layer on top of the existing eCommerce monolithic architecture.

This brings already benefits and this is indeed a de-coupling of front-end and back-end. But hand on heart, that is only half the story.


The Emporix Headless eCommerce way

With Emporix, you get the most modern architecture.

Thanks to the API first architecture built by Emporix you benefit from maximum flexibility and consistency with any type of touch-point. This includes individual web customer experiences as well as mobile, text, social media, voice ecommerce, and connected devices.

Emporix’s cloud-native microservices enable agile development and short release cycles to implement innovations rapidly.

Composable Commerce gives the freedom to choose and combine best-of-breed services from different software vendors.

With Emporix, you choose a state-of-the-art headless eCommerce platform.

A really modern eCommerce software architecture

To realise the full potential of a headless eCommerce platform, a really modern system needs to be built on microservices with APIs and follow these principles:


Multi-tenant SaaS


API first

Business Logic APIs




Stay fully extensible

The Emporix headless eCommerce platform based on microservices allows rapid development and continuous deployment. Test times can be reduced and the number of release cycles can be increased.

Small teams can work in parallel to enable your business for everything that may come in the future.

Save scarce developer resources

Focus your precious developer resources on what makes your business unique and use all standardized features from the Emporix headless eCommerce platform. Stop re-inventing the wheel. Consume core eCommerce capabilities stress-free from the software-as-a-service in the cloud and keep your IT lean.

Benefit from standard software

With Emporix, you can solve the “buy vs build” dilemma. The separation of front-end and back-end allows you to ensure that your own IP (Intellectual Property) is protected. At the same time, you will benefit from automatic and frequent updates for the standard software of the headless eCommerce platform.

A Composable eCommerce Platform is not only Headless, it is also: 


A true cloud native architecture means a lot more than just hosting your applications in the cloud. It means speed and agility.

API First

Using APIs as an effective integration tool is all but unavoidable in today’s digital ecosystems, powered by API first architectures.


Microservice architecture, is an architectural style that enables a level of agility and flexibility that wasn’t previously possible.