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Keep expenses under control

Reliable cost calculation frees e-commerce managers from painful uncertainties.

Emporix assists with an auto-scaling infrastructure and takes the risk of overages.

Keep expenses under control in digital commerce

Avoid unexpected and unnecessary costs

In fast-moving markets where the demand and, therefore, the load on your e-commerce infrastructure can vary enormously, keeping control of operating costs at all times can be challenging.

You need to find a way to achieve maximum system reliability and resilience without your profits getting eaten up in technology that isn’t adding anything.

Avoid unexpected and redundant digital commerce costs

Reduce total cost of ownership (TCO)

Redundant infrastructure that you have to pay for upfront will drive up your TCO. In contrast, a cloud-based auto-scaling infrastructure helps avoid this overhead and significantly reduces costs.

This is because, with Emporix, costs are based on actual needs, and without restrictions on services.

Only pay for what you need

Emporix's infrastructure guarantees 100% cost transparency. Your system will automatically adjust to peak loads without you having to worry about manual upgrading.

System maintenance and service are included in the TCO, and you won’t need to do a thing.

only pay for the value you actually get in digital commerce

Benefit from cost-efficient auto-scaling

Your Emporix Commerce Engine scales with the fluctuating requirements of your business.

Automated scaling relieves your team of repetitive analysis and customization, saving valuable time that can be better spent on value-add developments. And you only pay for what you need to deliver an outstanding buyer experience.

Emporix offers a fixed price that removes any risk of paying for surplus resources that you don’t use.

benefit in digital commerce from cost-efficient auto-scaling

How composable commerce makes planning more reliable

Redundant technology in e-commerce infrastructure can cost more than it will save or add.

With Emporix's auto-scaling solution you only use what you actually need to deliver superior customer experiences, automatically minimizing any redundant technology.

Instead of funding overheads upfront, you pay for leased infrastructure based on actual usage. It can also be capped, if necessary, to avoid any surprises.

composable commerce makes your planning more reliable

Which Emporix features enable more reliable planning?

Emporix's composable Commerce Engine empowers you to eliminate hidden and unnecessary infrastructure costs almost automatically. This includes your total cost of ownership.

Short-term, long-term, direct and even indirect costs for your e-commerce are optimized through the smart adaptability and scalability of your infrastructure.