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Digitize your B2B commerce

The Composable Commerce Orchestration Platform Built for B2B

Don’t want to settle for a rebranded B2C commerce solution? Our composable platform is built with a laser focus on serving our B2B customers.

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Turbocharge Your Turnover, With the Platform Focused on Trade

We know B2B inside out. In a market that treats B2B as an afterthought, we understand that there’s a wide spectrum of different B2B business needs out there. We don’t want you to have to settle for a one-size-fits-all solution. Discover our native capabilities, designed specifically for B2B.


The B2B Experience That Surpasses The Expectations

B2B buyers expect an experience which rivals that of the commerce experience which they are familiar with as a consumer, in their private lives.

We provide you with the tools you need to serve your buyers with a buying process which will not only meet, but surpass, their expectations.


A B2B Solution That Won’t Break Your Budget

We like to talk about the strength of our architecture and our advanced B2B capabilities but we don’t forget about delivering it all in a cost-friendly package.

By taking your budget and particular needs into consideration, our specialist B2B team can provide you with the package that suits you - not suffocates you.


Your Buyers Expect Hybrid, You Need to Provide It

Manage enterprise-grade unique business models that help you stand out from the crowd.

Benefit from proven business logic with end-to-end support of advanced digital commerce in B2B and B2C.

Equipped to Handle the Giant Scale & Complexity of B2B

B2B is fundamentally different. The sheer complexity and combinations that B2B commerce carries can seem infinite. This is where Emporix comes to the rescue. Our platform doesn’t just survive under the everyday stresses and strains of B2B, it shines. Why? We build our composable commerce orchestration platform with a focus on B2B commerce needs, from our foundations to new features.


We Make Complex Catalogs Seem Simple

Products in the B2B world can be complex: sold in weight, dimensions, by pallet or many other variables. We handle complex catalogs with ease, whether they contain products that are solid, liquid or gas!


Provide Your Buyers with Custom Pricing

Instantly provide your buyers with pricing that is personalized to them. You have the power to automatically adapt prices for groups of buyers; based on their currency, geolocation and even pre-negotiated deals.

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Offer ‘Add to Quote’ as easily as ‘Add to Cart’

Quoting matters in B2B, we get it. That’s why we provide a sophisticated quotation management process. Digitize your quoting process for a simplified admin experience for yourself, while simultaneously delighting your B2B buyers by making their lives easier, with prices ‘frozen’ for 30 days.


Empower Buyers & Save Time with Self-Serve

Retain and satisfy your buyers by providing them with self-service options, so they can access-on-demand. From tracking the status of orders, to downloading documents - buyers have what they need. All ready the instant they need it - all without slow and costly communications.


Separate Catalogs for Buyers, From Catalogs for Suppliers

Serve your suppliers and buyers with different catalogs - the ones that they need to see. With Emporix, there’s no need to compromise your catalogs to work for both.


Pre-Negotiated Pricing

Our pre-negotiated pricing capability enables you to show the custom prices and delivery details that apply to specific buyers. Ditch pdfs and create customer-specific pricing straight on your commerce platform.


Pay by Purchase Orders (PO Numbers)

Make your buyer’s finance and admin teams happy by enabling payment by invoice, with a Purchase Order (PO) or creating a sales order that is added during the checkout flow.


Migrating to a Composable Commerce Solution

This guide aims to help you sort out the "ifs" and "hows" of re-platforming, with a focus on moving from monolithic legacy systems to Composable, B2B  commerce orchestration platforms.

Learn what's critical to realigning your digital commerce strategy - moving away from rigid legacy technologies paralyzing your business to composable commerce that makes your business sustainable and future-proof.

Compose Commerce <Code> in the Cloud

Developers are our lifeblood and we can show it. Our interactive API documentation is rich with use-cases and allows developers to work with our APIs directly, without needing to configure them elsewhere. Along with our quick-start guides, pre-made integrations, on-the-fly tenant creation and team management options - you’ll be up to speed and scaling in no-time.


All the Benefits of Composable, Without ‘Choice Overload’

The possibilities of composable commerce are so many, it can seem daunting to know where to start. That’s where our special product bundling comes to the rescue, our experts will provide you with guidance on exactly what you will need, to make sure you know where to start - all at the right price.


Straightforward Integration in Your Tech Stack with Our Advanced APIs

Our API-First design provides you with an uncomplicated way to integrate. Whether that’s what you have now or whatever may arrive in the future. Utilize them, along with our pre-integrations, to your advantage. Open up new ways of interacting with your suppliers and customers - going far beyond EDIFact and Punchouts.

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Ready for the Scale of B2B

We know that B2B works on a higher level of scale. That’s why our cloud-based architecture has been engineered to seamlessly handle the stresses and strains involved with high-scale commerce. Combined with our unthrottled APIs, you’ve got everything you need to seriously scale-up.


Exceptional Uptime

All too often downtime means a downturn in profit. We know that uptime matters for all our customers. We pride ourselves on our exceptionally high uptime. But we don’t just make empty promises, we have service-level agreements (SLAs) that contractually guarantee a high level of uptime.

Deliver a Truly Collaborative B2B Experience to Your Buyers

A typical B2B buying workflow is all about collaboration. We make collaboration a clear-cut, rather than cumbersome, experience, by providing you with a selection of innovate features:

  • Shared Carts allow buyers to save multiple carts and share them with their colleagues - all in a few clicks.
  • Auto-Replenishment takes the manual work out of repeat orders: buyers can set up auto-orders to happen on the schedule that best serves them.
  • B2B buying often means big orders and multiple locations, our Split Shipping functionality let’s buyers decide where their order is set - instead of constraining them.
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Let us Guide You to Success

Our specialist support team and partner network are ready to support you both with the implementation of the solution and with the support as you scale.

Account Managers

Our experienced account managers get ‘under the skin’ of your business concerns to solve issues and are ready to support you with their specialist understanding of B2B.


Our specialist support can provide you with their wealth of experience in all-things setup and migration.

Service Partners

We have a wide network of partners including: software agencies who can integrate the solution for you, consultancies that will  support you at the concept stage and software technology partners that will help build on your composable architecture. 

“The Emporix Commerce Orchestration Platform allows us to replace a number of existing systems and to ultimately unify our B2B and B2C solutions. This will propel us ahead, by addressing key areas such as order fulfillment where there is a current requirement for manual work, ultimately enabling us to supercharge our scalability.”

Trade-In Your Old Platform, For the Platform Truly Focused on B2B Trade

Digitize your B2B commerce with the platform designed specifically for your needs. Increase efficiency, profitability and cut your costs with our composable commerce orchestration platform.

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