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Make App: No-Code Automated Commerce

Create powerful automated workflows that operate across your existing platforms, without any coding.

Make allows you to connect over 1000+ software platforms together with Emporix, without the need for custom integrations.

Reduce time-consuming manual labor through automation.

Avoid unexpected and redundant costs

How Does the Make App Work?

Make allows you to connect multiple software platforms together, without the need for custom integrations.

Create your own event-driven automated workflows using a simple drag-and-drop builder, then execute them across multiple platforms. An automated workflow launches a series of pre-determined actions, triggered by specified events or certain circumstances.

For example, when a customer pays for their order (the 'event'), then your workflow will first automatically update the order status to "paid" and then auto-send an email to the customer with a 5% off coupon for their next purchase. 

With Emporix's Make App You Can:


React Faster

Implement your profit-increasing automated workflows in minutes. Go-to-market faster than before to outpace the competition.


Reduce Manual Labor

Avoid human errors and speed up processes. Save time and let your team focus on creating business value instead.


Save on IT Spend

No need to develop costly integrations. Use the visual, no-code builder to set-up your own custom business rules.

Connect, Create & Launch - All in a Few Clicks

Using Emporix's Make App you can easily integrate API-based platforms to create business value by implementing new, innovative automated processes.

Ideal for: reducing the need for costly manual labor, increasing profitability by upselling, decreasing abandoned carts and improving customer experience.

Take advantage of 1000+ pre-made integration templates, no need to start from scratch. Find the documentation here. 


Automation Examples:


Automate Promotions

Automatically launch or pause promotions and coupons based on specified conditions.

For example, apply a 10% price discount on slow-moving stock or send a thank-you email with a $50 coupon to a first-time customer.


Fewer Abandoned Carts

Follow-up with customers who are likely to abandon their carts, based on your historical data.

For example, auto-send reminders to customers who have items in their cart or to those that haven't ordered recently.


Foster Loyalty

Award loyalty points based on certain events (triggers) or when specific conditions are met.

For example, without any manual work, award 100 loyalty points to new customers, for new purchases or for leaving a product review.

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Auto-Update Orders

Automatically send data to various platforms once an order is placed or processed.

For example, as soon as a new order has successfully been placed - your ERP system and inventory are auto-updated with new information.


Sync Your Inventory

Instantly synchronize your inventory data, providing uniformity across all of your relevant platforms.

For example, synchronize your product descriptions to ensure continuity across your commerce platform, PIM, CMS, and ERP systems.


Create Dynamic Segments

Auto-add customers to a group based on custom criteria, then share them on other platforms.

For example, create a customer group for B2B customers whose annual spend was $100k + and invite them to your all-expenses-paid company event.


Get More Reviews

Automatically send email review requests to customers that purchased specific products.

For example, send out a review request to customers who have purchased a product that does not yet have any other user-reviews.


Increase Security

Auto-inform your staff about suspicious or risk orders based on pre-defined conditions

For example, add suspicious orders to a Google Sheet or add them as a task on Asana to alert staff to inspect the details of high-risk orders.


Automate Comms

After a new order has been placed, auto-notify customers and staff about any key updates.

For example, automatic order notifications are sent out in seconds - via Slack, CRM, email or any other of your preferred channels.

“We're thrilled to feature the Emporix app on Make, as it significantly accelerates time to value for our shared customers through building and extension of business-critical commerce workflows.”