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Commerce Execution Platform (CXP)

Achieve Business Outcomes Through Actionable Insights

The Emporix Commerce Execution Platform (CXP) is revolutionary in the world of commerce.

CXP optimizes your customer's interactions in real time. It identifies inefficiencies in business outcomes, provides actionable insights and executes them automatically.

Composable Commerce Platform

Achieve Key Business Outcomes:


Expand Revenue

Protect existing revenue sources & build new ones.

Build new avenues of revenue by auto-restricting payment methods or recommend optimal substitutes.


Delight Customers

Raise the bar for higher levels of customer satisfaction.

Streamline actions, automate communications & enable full transparency of order status.


Improve Productivity

Attain faster processing by reducing manual labor.

Automate & orchestrate between systems that were previously siloed.


Boost Sustainability

Reach & exceed sustainability targets.

Meet regulatory standards by minimizing returns & improve excess inventory levels.

Discover CXP

Watch the on-demand CXP demo to discover how it works and how can you set up the business rules using a user-friendly UI. 

Optimized Customer Interactions That Boost Business Outcomes

Your goals of attaining new revenue, improving profitability or other crucial business outcomes may not always align with the demands of your customer. In fact, the two can often work against each other.

Previously, providing great customer interactions led to inefficiencies in fulfillment processes - decreasing profitability. Yet high-demand products with low on-time delivery rates leads to customer dissatisfaction. Neither the customer nor the company wins.

But what if you could influence buyer interactions in real time, as they are browsing your store? Increasing customer satisfaction without sacrificing your business-critical KPIs. This is where CXP comes in: using end-to-end process intelligence to optimize outcomes for both you & your customers.


Build Your Own 'Execution Scenarios'

CXP enables you to create a whole world of workflows, known as Execution Scenarios to achieve your specific business outcomes. Execution Scenarios automatically deploy changes to underlying processes which result in real-time optimizations, as the customer is interacting with a commerce environment.

Take advantage of out-of-the-box templates or define and model your own custom Execution Scenarios with an easy-to-use, visual low-code builder.





CXP_Execution_Intelligent Substitution

Customer Testimonial — AmerCareRoyal

Working with CXP and Emporix is like if I am an artist, the UI is the canvas and I am using the microservices as my paint. CXP takes the pain out of delivering the relevant data that is going to wow our customers. That's where the magic comes in.

How Does CXP Work?

Celonis EMS continuously monitors key business metrics from your existing commerce platform and a range of other digital sources to identify process inefficiencies. 

This intelligence is then utilized by CXP to dynamically optimize your customer interactions in real-time.


Composable Commerce Platform

CXP in Action for Manufacturers & Wholesale:

Payment Assistance

Customer payment options are auto restricted for buyers with a poor credit rating, encouraging the customer to pay on time while protecting the seller.


Stock Assistance

Overstocked products are automatically boosted and promoted to ensure working capital efficiency.


Order Assistance

Customers are proactively provided with recommended substitutions for products which cannot be fulfilled on-time.

Sales Assistance

Sales reps are supported with intelligent recommendations for alternative products or suppliers to meet the promise of on-time delivery.


“For the first time ever, CXP has enabled us to make insights actionable. With CXP you can maintain customer satisfaction and reach your business objectives. 

CXP serves both: the customer and the company.

- Stefan Schmidt, CPO, Emporix

CXP in Action for Retail & CPG:


Overstocked products are automatically boosted and promoted to ensure working capital efficiency.



Automatically hide out-of-stock products, then automatically reverse the process when the item is back in stock.


Intelligent Replenishment

Monitor product sales and automate inventory and on-time reordering of low-stock products by combining sales stats with supplier on-time delivery (OTD) stats to avoid stock out.


Next Best Option

Recommend products from suppliers/drop ship vendors with better on time delivery to reduce backorders and accelerate revenue.


Lower waste by avoiding excessive stock, promote stock that will expire, reduce return rates and recommend more sustainable shipping options. Report on your carbon footprint.


Return Optimization

Understand customers propensity to return products and engage them proactively to reduce return rates, e.g. by testing different strategies (punishing vs. rewarding).


Advertising Spend

Control advertisement spent by automatically suspending/reactivating advertisement campaigns based on inventory level and demand.


Risk Management

Credit Risk: Cancel or put orders on hold for review from known bad actors.

Fulfillment Risk: Alert supplier management team of orders delayed by backorders or slow drop ship vendors.


Make insights actionable 

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