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Commerce Search API

Composable AI-Powered Commerce Search.

Easy-to-develop, and personalized AI-powered search for your e-commerce store. A fault-tolerant, intuitive and auto-suggesting tool at your fingertips.

The Search is Over.

Provide an easy, seamless search experience for your customers. Deploy rules, voice search, synonym suggestions, and more. And guarantee instant and accurate results.

Partners you can trust.

Easily integrate with industry-leading partners - get solutions that revolutionize the search function and provide an excellent user experience.

Features to Look Forward To.

Instant Search

No more waiting. Provide lightning-fast commerce search speeds.

No matter the query. In 20ms or less.

AI Search

A self-running, intelligent AI system that continues to learn and scale with your business, helping you understand your customers.

Voice Search

State-of-the-art technology with natural language processing. Machine learning optimizes results based on behavioral data.

Combined with context, your relevant results will surface faster than ever.


Guarantee relevant results with “If This, Then That” logic. Set up unlimited rules to detect user intent.

Take into account contextual elements. And allow business users to manage rules visually.


Custom results and recommendations, built for an optimized customer experience.

AI analyzes each user’s actions to surface the most personalized, relevant results.

Dynamic synonym suggestions

Improve user engagement from their first search with an AI algorithm that predicts synonyms.

Give your users the freedom to type what they wish. And free your developers’ from creating manual synonyms.

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