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Zocalo Accelerator Launch

We are thrilled to announce that our partner, Avatria, has developed an accelerator using Emporix Digital Commerce Platform — Zocalo. It’s an innovative accelerator designed to revolutionize the way businesses create and manage their online stores, building a best-in-class commerce solutions.

Explore the features and benefits of Zocalo and learn how it empowers businesses to unlock their full e-commerce potential.

What is the purpose of Zocalo accelerator?

Standardizes Platform Integration

Zocalo offers standardized APIs that seamlessly integrate with any platform or technology. This streamlines operations, reduces complexities, and ensures smooth data flow. 

Accelerates Time to Value

Significantly reduces development timelines with its prebuilt workflows and storefronts. Thanks to Zocalo, customers can launch fully functional online stores faster, saving valuable time and resources.

Plugs-and-Plays with the Best Platforms

Seamless integration with any platform, gives businesses the flexibility to create tailored solutions that cater to their unique needs. Whether it's integrating with third-party tools or leveraging specific features from different systems, Zocalo's plug-and-play functionality allows businesses to build a best-in-class commerce ecosystem that aligns perfectly with their requirements. 

Enables Consistent User Experiences through Centralized Logic

By centralizing business logic in the API layer, Zocalo ensures consistent user experiences across multiple channels. This omnichannel approach enables seamless customer experiences, regardless of the touchpoint.

Zocalo includes a fully responsive accelerator storefront with prebuilt core commerce capabilities. Businesses can rapidly launch their online stores without starting from scratch. The prebuilt components provide a solid foundation, while still allowing for customization to reflect brand identity and unique selling propositions.

Learn more about Zocalo:


For more information visit Avatria’s website: https://www.avatria.com/zocalo

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