Emporix Welcomes New CPO to Leadership Team

Stefan Schmidt joins Emporix as Chief Product Officer
Stuttgart, Germany — January 28, 2021 – Emporix, a leader in headless commerce software and grocery commerce solutions, welcomes Stefan Schmidt as Chief Product Officer. The addition of Schmidt to Emporix’s leadership team is driven by the company’s exponential growth in offering complete, cloud-native, headless commerce software that enables business initiatives, supports existing brick and mortar stores, and builds a total customer experience.
Prior to Emporix, Schmidt was part of the core team at Hybris Software for 18 years where he was recognised as the leading provider of digital commerce software by Gartner and Forrester. Schmidt shaped the Hybris’ positioning inside the SAP portfolio following the acquisition and expanded its scope by adding marketing services and sales. Schmidt is a leading visionary on trends in cloud business models and the e-commerce market and in recent years, advised and supported software startups as an Angel investor.
Schmidt’s vision for Emporix is to create a commerce execution system that unifies the ideas of composable businesses and software (i.e. headless, API first, cloud-native, and microservices), providing the tools to execute distributed digital commerce processes, augmented with cloud capabilities.

“The microservice architecture shares core beliefs with the idea of composable businesses. The autonomy of teams, loose coupling to reduce dependencies and scale the parts that need to be scaled but not the entire system. Thus, those parts of the system that need to move faster –to address shifting demands from the market –can do so without needing to wait for the slower parts to catch-up. This philosophy however poses questions around governance, orchestration and process management. And what businesses see already today is that the number of apps per unit and across the entire business is spiraling out of control. The mood is swinging from, “There is an app for that” to “Please, not another app”. We believe that we can address this problem by helping businesses orchestrate capabilities in a light-touch way and incorporate them into the actual business process that is there to help run better.

“What I think is missing from a competitor’s standpoint is that they are providing the tools but do very little to help business with the orchestration or execution of the actual business process.

Take an orchestra, where you have different instruments and each of them can create a wonderful melody, but if you want to make them play together you really need a conductor and software as it is today lacks this kind of conductor. I think at emporix, we can create this kind of conductor and orchestration that competitors are lacking. This will allow us to make digital commerce work as a core business process.”

Serving the e-grocery process end-to-end with wave picking, supplier ordering, billing by weight, and same- or next-day delivery and pick-up options, emporix allows customers access through every digital touchpoint for a more personalized experience. With the addition of Stefan, the team will help accelerate these technologies and offer customers more sophisticated capabilities in the near future.
Eberhardt Weber, CEO of Emporix commented, “I am extremely happy and proud to have one of the most experienced visionaries in the e-commerce space joining emporix. Together with Stefan, we will not only foster our leading position in grocery e-commerce, but also evolve from this very sophisticated space in digital commerce to other advanced business areas like B2B and eventually to become the first and leading Commerce Execution System (CXS) in the market.”

About Emporix 

Emporix is a comprehensive e-commerce API platform built to enable grocery chains to go online, quickly. Now, with minimal investment and predictable costs, grocers can set up online ordering and delivery services with ease. An intuitive back-office helps manage products, orders and customers. And a microservices architecture enables agile development for online stores in record times. Grocery chains can now effortlessly expand into e-commerce and deliver a superior online shopping experience for customers at every digital touch-point. With 10 years of grocery experience paired with state-of-the-art technology, Emporix has everything needed to run a successful and profitable online store.

For more information about Emporix, please visit emporix.com.

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