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Emporix Welcomes New Chief Sales Officer to Leadership Team

Cham, Switzerland - Emporix, a comprehensive headless e-commerce platform built for sophisticated B2C and B2B businesses, is proud to welcome Udo Rauch as the Chief Sales Officer. Rauch will be responsible for ensuring targeted growth and refining Emporix’s long-term go-to-market strategy. 

For the last 10 years, Rauch has worked in software sales leadership roles for companies like IBM, Intershop and commercetools. His extensive knowledge, specifically in enterprise software and B2B sales, enhances Emporix’s mission to leverage the latest technology built for advanced e-commerce scenarios. 

“I am thrilled to have Udo on board to take over this key leadership role. Udo is an industry-leading expert who knows the e-commerce business inside and out,” commented Eberhardt Weber, CEO of Emporix. “I am confident he will boost our go-to-market for enterprise customers and system integrators beyond the success we’ve seen in the grocery industry.”

Constant changes in customer expectations mean that brands and retailers need a solution that can rapidly adapt to their new requirements. Traditional e-commerce architectures often fail to keep pace with those new demands. Rauch’s vision is to establish Emporix as the leader in complex B2C and B2B composable headless commerce solutions. 

“With advanced technical capabilities, a modern software stack and a team of experts, I see Emporix as a unicorn,” explained Rauch. "The world is moving towards cloud-based composable components that can be individually consumed and integrated in an overall best of breed architecture. In addition, Emporix will help customers orchestrate all the different e-commerce related services, even those from different vendors, with its commerce execution platform.”

About Emporix

Emporix is a comprehensive headless e-commerce platform built for sophisticated B2C and B2B businesses. A microservices, API-first, and cloud-native architecture enables agile development for online businesses in record times and helps customers boost innovation and speed on a continuous basis. Emporix is an end-to-end solution that satisfies consumer demands for omnichannel shopping experiences, and enables retailers to drive revenue through digital and traditional channels simultaneously. Now, with minimal investment and predictable costs, retailers can set up mobile and online ordering, and run operational processes to fulfill orders with ease. 

For more information about Emporix, please visit emporix.com.

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