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Emporix Names New CMO to Drive Growth

Alex Chua joins Emporix as Chief Marketing Officer

Cham, Switzerland — February 5, 2021 – Emporix, a comprehensive headless e-commerce platform built for sophisticated B2C and B2B businesses, announces the appointment of Alex Chua as Chief Marketing Officer. The addition of Chua to Emporix’s executive leadership team is driven by the company’s growth and an increase in demand for online shopping. 

Emporix enables retailers to go online, effortlessly, by providing the expertise and technology needed to set up a successful digital storefront. Advanced features and an intelligent e-commerce platform make it easy to deliver the modern shopping experiences customers are looking for every day.

“Recent events have significantly accelerated the development of e-commerce, creating the need for a boost in marketing efforts so we can stand out among the competition,” explained Eberhardt Weber, CEO of Emporix. 

“I am thrilled to have Alex Chua join our team at Emporix. Our goal is to be one of the leading e-commerce platforms for advanced digital commerce. With the addition of Alex and his team at Kalungi, we can speed up our go-to-market efforts to ensure we have the sustainable and profitable growth needed to get there.” 

With an extensive background in growth marketing, and experience scaling and consulting for recently-funded SaaS startups, Chua brings the deep knowledge required to drive meaningful growth for Emporix. As a seasoned marketing leader, he has a proven track record of managing and building marketing functions for multiple B2B SaaS companies, achieving a 330% increase in MQLs in under six months.

Chua also brings a team of talented marketing professionals from Kalungi, a full-service B2B SaaS marketing firm, to help kickstart and build Emporix’s formal marketing function. 

“My goal is to establish Emporix as an industry leader and provide structure and alignment to the way we go to market and position the platform,” said Chua. “I’m looking forward to driving quality conversions across both marketing and sales channels. 

To start, we’ll build our go-to-market strategies, boost the quality of the brand and messaging, and define new demand generation channels for both inbound and outbound marketing efforts. When the time comes – I’m excited to help them hire and build their in-house marketing team to set them up for long-term success.”

About Emporix 

Emporix is a comprehensive headless e-commerce platform built for sophisticated B2C and B2B businesses. A microservices, API-first, and cloud-native architecture enables agile development for online businesses in record times and helps customers boost innovation and speed on a continuous basis. Emporix is an end-to-end solution that satisfies consumer demands for omnichannel shopping experiences, and enables retailers to drive revenue through digital and traditional channels simultaneously. Now, with minimal investment and predictable costs, retailers can set up mobile and online ordering, and run operational processes to fulfill orders with ease. 

For more information about Emporix, please visit emporix.com.

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