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Emporix launches UK Partner-First channel strategy for its composable E-Commerce platform

June 2022, London: Emporix, the enterprise-grade composable commerce platform, has announced expansion plans with a new commitment to develop its channel partner network in the UK.

Leveraging the composable E-Commerce platform, developers and system integrators working across the sector will be able to create the sort of bespoke online experience that brands cannot find with many of the ‘all-in-one’ platforms currently available.

Launching its Partner-First strategy at the ShopTalk Europe exhibition in London over 6-8 June, the Software-as-a-Service company is now seeking UK channel partners that operate with retailers, wholesalers, manufacturers and brands. The partners will collaborate in offering advanced E-Commerce solutions that can be tailored to help digitize complex sales operations, especially for large businesses.

Eberhardt Weber, founder and CEO at Emporix, said: “Thanks to the huge investment we’ve seen in digital transformation by heavyweight retailers, we’ve all felt the benefits of much slicker online shopping experiences as consumers. Our platform demonstrates that now, with the advancements in composable technology, this level of service can be adopted by all types of businesses that want to differentiate and futureproof their operations by enhancing their digital offering.”

“And with this expanding opportunity, we’re now launching a Partner-First channel strategy to work closer with technology and channel partners in the UK. By making composable, cloud-based E-Commerce solutions accessible to even more businesses, we will help companies to modernize their digital strategies and innovate new business models in the growing online sales market.”

Founded in 2015, the Swiss-headquartered E-Commerce specialist has developed its Emporix Digital Commerce Platform (DCP) using state-of-the-art composable architecture. This makes it ideal for system integrators and IT teams to use, offering a platform to extend existing capabilities as well as easy integration with other APIs to fully ‘compose’ bespoke online sales platforms. The flexibility means that businesses can create futureproofed digital commerce channels exactly to their needs, no matter how complex their customer journeys are, or whether they are in B2B, B2C, the emerging D2C channel, or even all three.

Emporix’s enterprise-grade solution is cloud-native, meaning that all applications are updated and upgraded continually, and without disrupting operations. This approach also leverages elastic computing capabilities as well as scalable storage and bandwidth so that an E-Commerce business will stretch and scale with customer demand – a move away from the restrictions found on traditional monolith platforms.

Weber continued: “By its very nature, our architecture is designed for agility and collaboration, and this approach is set to define the next generation of digital commerce. Emporix provides the platform where best-of-breed applications from specialist technology vendors can all be brought together using APIs. What’s more, our DCP has been created with IT service teams and system integrators in mind, making it an ideal friend for them, and a great architecture to work with.”

He finished: “Through this new Partner-First strategy in the UK, we’re hoping to rewrite the rule book for building successful digital commerce strategies. The winners will be the enterprises that choose to leverage this technology as a way to differentiate their business – providing their customers with the best digital experiences.”

For more information, visit www.emporix.com.

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