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Crawl, Walk, Run at MACH Speed


We would like to share a video of the keynote case study "Walk, Crawl, Run at MACH Speed" we presented at the B2B Online in Chicago with our customer, AmerCareRoyal, and our partner, Avatria. The case study covers how AmerCareRoyal leveraged the MACH-certified Emporix Digital Commerce Platform and Emporix Commerce Execution Platform to achieve significant business benefits.

Key points of the case study:

  • AmerCareRoyal launched the new B2B Portal using Emporix Digital Commerce Platform and Avatria as their implementation provider in 3 months, which was 70% faster than the previous implementation time.

  • Thanks to the digitization of their e-commerce processes AmerCareRoyal is doing now 70% fewer manual touches to the orders. 

  • The new portal brought a 25% increase in the category mix and a 100% cycle time improvement. 

  • The new portal improves customer experience and sets the stage for fostering customer stickiness for AmerCareRoyal.

  • MACH architecture serves as an enabler for future innovation. 

What Alejandra Rodriguez, Solution Architect at AmerCareRoyal, says about Emporix Digital Commerce Platform:

"I've dealt with mergers of systems and sometimes needing to place Band-Aids on top of Band-Aids to satisfy the needs for our customers. We didn’t want to place another band-aid on a solution, we didn’t want to do the same thing again. To basically go through an implementation and end up with the same capabilities, that just wasn’t what we wanted. Or purchasing a software that you think is going to fit your needs and the vendors promise you that it’s going to fit your needs but at the end of the day, it doesn’t it’s just a what you see is what you get. We wanted to innovate at scale, we wanted real change, change that sets us apart from all of our competitors. When we began working with Avatria and Emporix it wasn't any more "what you see is what you get", it was what we need and envision is what we get. We wanted to be bold, we wanted to greatly increase our functionality and deliver it faster, we wanted continuous rapid-pace innovation at scale. We wanted to change the perception of IT within the business, and we did. We were able to work with Avatria and Emporix to identify and apply relevant Emporix microservices to solve high-value use cases without causing undesired disruption to the business. As we already get a high percentage of orders via EDI we were able to look elsewhere to solve our customer pain points. We applied Emporix with a focus on our B2B portal. We wanted to allow our customer to self-service and be more self-sufficient and make their experience better. We focused on our returns process to minimize manual touch points on the customer and business side. We also revamped our search engine, created customer dashboards so anything that they want to search for they have the ability to do so because we know that all of our customers are different. The end result was a three-month project that delivered significant business value versus it taking three years."

You can watch the keynote below:



The keynote features Alejandra Rodriguez, Solution Architect at AmerCareRoyal, Mike Razzoog, Chief Strategy and Growth Officer at Avatria, and Eberhardt Weber, CEO at Emporix.


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