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Meet Emporix at B2B Chicago Online

We are proud to announce our sponsorship of the upcoming B2B e-commerce & Digital Marketing Conference, taking place on May 1-3, in Marriott Chicago Downtown, Illinois. We're thrilled to be partnering with Avatria to join this exciting event, that brings together industry leaders and experts to collaborate and learn about the newest innovative strategies for B2B e-commerce.

Join us at our keynote featuring our customer, AmerCareRoyal, and our partner, Avatria titled "Crawl, Walk, Run at MACH Speed — How to incrementally transition to composable commerce while optimizing business value along the way.". During this session, we'll dive deep into how AmerCareRoyal has leveraged Emporix Digital Commerce Platform and Emporix Commerce Execution Platform (built in collaboration with Celonis) to drive innovation, reduce costs and improve customer experience. 

We look forward to seeing you there and sharing our insights and expertise with you. You can find us at booth 210 where we will be present together with our implementation partner, Avatria. 

For more information and the agenda outline of the event visit the organizer's website: https://b2bmarketing.wbresearch.com/

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