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Stop wasting your time on software maintenance

Having to maintain a legacy system can stand in the way of your digital commerce teams working on innovation.

Emporix’s cloud-native SaaS infrastructure offers a maintenance-free alternative, where software update projects become a thing of the past.

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Innovate and stay ahead of your competition

In a fast-paced and rapidly changing market, you'll perish if you don't continually innovate. But if all of your time and resources are being spent on maintaining commerce systems, then when will you find the time to develop and implement the new ideas that will keep you ahead of the competition?

With Emporix on your side, you can focus on the innovative things that will add value to your business.

“Look, I don't need eCommerce right now, because my business is very good. But I know that in ten years if I do nothing, I will have missed a train.” (CDO, B2B, Manufacturer, BeNeLux)

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Invest in differentiating features, not technical updates that don't add value

Time and resource-hungry digital infrastructure maintenance eats into your profits and holds back innovation. You need a technical solution that is virtually maintenance-free.

A cloud-native SaaS infrastructure from Emporix provides powerful and proven core commerce components that take care of maintenance automatically, so you don’t have to. Instead, you can focus on building excellent functionality and features that will set you apart from the crowd.


How API-first  SaaS systems free you from maintenance

Legacy (monolith) systems are often costly and risky to maintain due to their complex internal interdependencies.

On the other hand, SaaS infrastructures consist of individual services that are updated automatically. Implementing each feature ‘as a service’ means that the maintenance will all be taken care of, relieving your team from the often laborious routine of keeping features up to date.

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The benefits of a maintenance-free SaaS infrastructure

Using standard software and components from specialized vendors shifts the maintenance burden from your development team to the professional suppliers.

They want you to choose them, so they will provide the most advanced and reliable technology. You no longer have to worry about software maintenance. Time-consuming projects to upgrade eCommerce software to the latest version will become a thing of the past.

maintenance-free SaaS infrastructure

How your development team and stakeholders benefit from maintenance-free SaaS infrastructure

Freeing your development team from monitoring and maintaining functional system components and keeping the software stack up to date gives them the time to focus on innovation and application quality.

This is great for motivating highly skilled developers, as they will be able to build components that actually add value to your business rather than spend all of their time on maintenance.

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Why choose an API-first SaaS platform over open source software?

The use of open source software sounds tempting. It gives you the impression of being fully in control. This may be a plus. But on the other hand, being fully in control will mean being fully responsible for software maintenance. It can also mean that with every change you make to the source code, you will no longer benefit from regular updates from a standard software vendor.

A modern API-first SaaS platform separates the core capabilities from your standard software provider from individual software development and integrations with third party services.

Which Emporix features contribute to this benefit?

Using Emporix, your system is always automatically up-to-date with the latest versions of Emporix. We guarantee full availability and consistency across all the APIs you use to power your digital business.

We deploy software updates regularly and continuously, without interrupting our services. Best of all, you don’t need to do anything. Your applications will continue running, regardless of functional adjustments made to our APIs.

With Emporix, software maintenance is automatic and targeted for each individual API without affecting the entire system. You no longer need to worry about maintenance. Instead you can focus your IT resources on innovation.