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Save resources with turnkey features

Smart engineering in e-commerce means assembling system components that are already available and saving developers’ time for customizations that make your business unique.

Save resources with turnkey features

Avoid laborious manual work where possible

In an ideal business with unlimited resources, your development team can manually code every single feature for your e-commerce line by line. You know that in a real business like yours the rules of the game are different.

Attracting and keeping qualified developers is not easy today, so you need to find ways to use your resources as efficiently as possible and focus on the essentials.

Avoid laborious manual work

No need to reinvent the wheel

Why build features for your e-commerce when they are already out there, waiting to add value to your business? One key benefit of composable software architectures, like those Emporix enables, is that your development team can select turnkey components and assemble them according to your business needs, rather than building them from scratch.

Use powerful and proven standard features, develop only what is left

Developers want to use their time wisely and creatively, so they are used to assembling software from ready-to-use components they get from libraries.

Service-oriented engineering follows this principle by assembling systems of functional (micro)services. The more complex and powerful a turnkey component is, the greater the time savings for your development team.

Use powerful and proven standard features

What Exporix features contribute to this benefit

Emporix not only ensures that your system architecture is 100% flexibly composable and fully adaptable to your business needs.

Emporix also comes with powerful and proven standard features that allow you to get started right away with everything you need to take your e-commerce to the next level.

your system architecture is 100% flexibly composable

How composable commerce makes your planning more reliable

Redundancies in e-commerce infrastructure can cost more than they save or add. Emporix's auto-scaling solution provides only what you actually need to deliver superior experiences.

Redundancies are therefore automatically minimized. Instead of funding overhead upfront, you pay for leased infrastructure based on actual usage, capped if necessary to avoid unforeseeable surprises.

composable ecommerce makes you more reliable

What Exporix features enable more reliable planning

Emporix's composable commerce platform empowers you to eliminate hidden and unnecessary infrastructure costs almost automatically.

This includes your total cost of ownership - short term, long term, direct and even indirect costs for your e-commerce are optimized through smart adaptability and scalability of your infrastructure.