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Leave the competition behind

As innovation cycles in e-commerce come around faster than ever before, the winners are the businesses that are the fastest to bring cutting-edge technologies to market and outpace the competition.

SPEED AND AGILITY in digital commerce

Time to market determines business success

“Offer better products than anyone else, no matter how long it takes” - this is industrial era thinking.

In today’s digital age, however, the speed of releasing innovations is just as important as the quality of the product or service.

And compared to traditional industries, e-commerce moves at the speed of light.

Time to market determines business success in digital commerce

Putting business agility into practice

Agility means creating and responding to change so that you can remain profitable, even in the most turbulent business environment. The architecture and design of e-commerce systems is a key factor in determining whether a business is able to react flexibly to changes or, even better, set new standards and stay ahead of the competition.

Use technology as the foundation for adaptability

Operating in fast-moving e-commerce with a rigid monolithic legacy system is like trying to navigate a tanker through unpredictable turbulent river rapids.

If your business needs to be fast and nimble, you’re going to need a kayak instead. Emporix provides you with the technological foundations to steer your kayak smoothly through the rapids.

digital commerce technological foundation for adaptability

How Composable Commerce enables speed and agility

Composable Commerce follows the principles of software modularity to enable fast and flexible adaptations to both planned and unforeseen requirements.

The key benefit of modularity is that features can be added or replaced without affecting the rest of the system. Targeted updates and interventions reduce risk while significantly increasing the speed of development.

How Composable Commerce enables speed and agility

Which Emporix features contribute to this benefit?

When it comes to achieving outstanding speed and agility in delivering innovation, e-commerce companies benefit from Emporix's truly Composable DNA.

While other e-commerce platforms get bogged down in technology, with concepts like Headless and API First, Emporix combines all the latest technology standards to enable 100% Composable Commerce in the Cloud.

Emporix combines all the latest technology standards in digital commerce