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best of breed

Focus on what drives success

All-in-one e-commerce systems belong to the past. Today, business success largely depends on the ability to combine the best technologies available in the market.


Don't get stuck in mediocrity

All-in-one solutions tempt you with not having to worry about what technology you choose. They simply include everything that could be useful to run an e-commerce business.

In reality, your team is drowning in an overload of mediocre features, none of which are the best available. If customization is limited, you are dependent on the vendor.


Get in charge of your own technology stack

"Best of Breed" refers to picking the best solution for each requirement and integrating it into your own e-commerce infrastructure, instead of relying on a single vendor.

Since you know your business best and understand what your team needs to be successful, you should build your technology stack yourself.

A composable commerce infrastructure gets you there.


Build richer, better, and more robust digital experiences faster and with less effort

A state-of-the-art commerce infrastructure built around the principles of composable commerce gives you all the freedom and flexibility to deploy the best technologies you need to deliver a superior customer experience. Emporix lays the foundation for a best-of-breed strategy without tying you to one provider.

How your business benefits from Composable Commerce

With a compatible platform, you can customize your e-commerce systems to meet the needs of your business and your customers, choosing only the applications you need.

You can extend your system gradually, adding multiple applications or services. If you find better solutions on the market, simply replace existing ones quickly and with little effort.

What Exporix features enable composability

Our headless architecture allows you to easily stay flexible and scale with your customers' changing behavior. T

he ever-growing number of ready-to-use applications for marketing and commerce can be easily integrated and combined on our cloud-native, API-based platform. It has never been easier to benefit from the latest and most powerful technologies.

With composable commerce powered by Emporix, you take full control of your technology stack and align it with your customers' needs without any compromise.