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Don’t worry about performance

Ultra volatile markets require e-commerce technologies that can dynamically and reliably adapt to provide an outstanding customer experience at all times.


Monolithic systems reach their limits

Systems that have grown organically over the years become rigid and lose their ability to adapt quickly and efficiently to new requirements.

Instead of auto-scaling with volatile loads, as Emporix enables, most monolithic systems require redundant resources to handle peak traffic.

This drives costs without adding any value to your business.


Scalability is key to e-commerce success

If the market you operate in is volatile like water, then your e-commerce infrastructure must be the same. This means that the ability of a system to adapt dynamically and automatically is critical to overall business success.

Scalability is the key to matching superior customer experiences with highly efficient resource management to keep costs under control.


Composable infrastructure makes adding the latest features easier

Scalability and adaptability are the magic duo in e-commerce technology. To navigate the rapids of fast-moving markets safely, businesses not only need infrastructures that auto-scale on demand. Adding new features and services must also be fast and easy on the fly.

With Emporix, such customizations are no longer a pain for your development team.

What Exporix features contribute to e-commerce scalability

Emporix offers a modular and elastic infrastructure that leverages the full potential of microservices in terms of automation and containerization. Cloud microservices enable virtually unlimited scalability, implemented in half the time and at a fraction of the cost. Just as easily and flexibly you compose your service ecosystem.

Elastic scaling and flexible customization are hallmarks of Emporix's cloud-native solution, standing out from other solutions that are hosted in the cloud but cannot offer this flexibility.