independent study

Voice of the Decision Maker

A study created and written by: Prof. Dr. Jan-Paul Lüdtke and Prof. Dr. Michael Fretschner, MBR

What really moves management when selecting, purchasing, and expanding B2B e-commerce systems.

This report comprises a unique qualitative market needs study on e-commerce systems in B2B and B2C across the value-chain levels manufacturer, wholesale and retail.
The goals of the study are to:
  • understand decision-makers’ criteria and process when selecting, implementing, and expanding B2B headless commerce platform
  • understand their current pain points and value needs with regard to e-commerce expansion systems.
  • what does the immediate future e-commerce expansion system look like

What is truly relevant for future-proof e-commerce systems: 

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“When someone presses the order button and clicks, [...] he then must not wait 15 or 20 seconds until he gets his order confirmation. It simply has to be there within a second or less.“
Senior Manager E-Commerce, B2B Wholesale

“Extension? I think it's less about the extension, it's more about creating a headless ecommerce environment. And so that the front-end experience is completely disconnected from the backend.”
Global Head of E-Commerce, D2B2C