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Headless commerce

Emporix headless commerce software

Emporix develops headless commerce software based on cloud-native microservices and APIs.

Why headless commerce?

Access your customers through any digital touchpoint and give them a total customer experience.

Emporix helps you to realise new ideas and to set trends quickly and easily.

We solve the “buy vs build” dilemma for you. Focus your resources on what makes your business unique. Consume core e-commerce features stress-free from the cloud and keep your IT lean with automatic updates for standard software.

Why microservices and APIs?

With Emporix, you get the most modern architecture.

Thanks to headless commerce you benefit from maximum flexibility and consistency with any type of touch-point. This includes individual web customer experiences as well as mobile, text, social media, or voice commerce, and connected devices.

Microservices enable agile development and short release cycles to implement innovations rapidly.

Emporix is based on cloud-native microservices and APIs


E-commerce microservices

state-of-the-art software with a cloud-native microservices architecture for all e-commerce capabilities such as cart, check-out and much more

  • microservices allow rapid development and continuous deployment
  • shorten test times and reduce risk 
  • increase the number of releases
  • work in parallel with small teams with end-to-end responsibility in DevOps
  • enable your business
  • set trends and implement new ideas quickly


Headless commerce APIs

build your own user interfaces and customer touch-points on top of our Emporix headless commerce APIs and create unique customer experiences and technical integrations

  • clearly defined and documented Application Programming Interfaces (APIs)
  • decouple backend (business logic) from frontend (user interface)
  • create any kind of touch-point with great user experience (UX)
  • enable text, social or voice commerce
  • connect your backend logic to machines and Internet of Things (IoT)

Emporix back-office

In addition to e-commerce microservices, the Emporix solution includes an expandable back-office with Product Information Management (PIM), Content Management (CMS) and Order Management (OMS).

The Emporix back-office is a web based administration console with single-sign-on for PIM, CMS and OMS as well as user management. It is extensible for additional user interfaces for further microservices APIs, also from third parties.


Product information management (PIM)

manage product data and integrate existing sources like ERP or POS-systems, as well as external databases and handle complex data structures like weight articles and bundles

  • manage products, categories, labels, brands and countries
  • grow your sales with attractive prices and promotions
  • integrate data from existing systems like ERP or POS
  • integrate data from external product databases
  • streamline product management and reduce effort to maintain perfect product data quality
  • composed of product microservice with API


Content management (CMS)

build beautiful pages for marketing content with products directly linked and enjoy the seamless integration into the Emporix back-office with an easy-to-use interface

  • create thrilling marketing campaigns to boost your sales
  • promote brands and their products
  • write attractive content and directly link products to it
  • give your customers a reason to visit your website again and again and again
  • optimise your website for search engines (SEO)
  • composed of content microservice with API

order fulfilment and pick-pack-ship

The Emporix solution also convinces in order fulfilment. The highly efficient pick-pack-ship with in-store wave picking connects existing stores to a total customer experience with a digital storefront and same-day delivery or pick-up programs.


Order management (OMS)

the Emporix order management system covers the complete process for local order fulfilment, including pick-pack-ship and payment

  • manage your orders end-to-end with order status concept from received to paid
  • define 1 to n order cycles per day to optimise the pick-pack-ship process
  • fully automatic order splitting once cut-off time of an order cycle is reached
  • write delivery notes and invoices
  • composed of order microservice with API


Picking scanner for mobile devices

mobile application for smartphones or Zebra scanning devices for local picking and packing based on the innovative Emporix wave picking algorithm

  • triple picking performance with the Emporix wave picking
  • pick a complete order cycle at once based on picking zones in your existing store or warehouse
  • scan barcodes to reduces errors
  • book replacement products (substitutes)
  • pack with mobile devices or at desktop packing workstations
  • consumes several microservices

Emporix headless commerce software is based on cloud-native microservices and APIs

And yes, technology does count! 

Thanks to headless commerce, you can build any kind of touchpoint for your e-commerce solution. Furthermore, the consistency of your e-commerce IT landscape is given. It doesn’t make a difference if you develop your user interface(s) with your in-house IT department or an external third party – or both. 

Important is a modern software architecture like Emporix. Microservices allow rapid development, short release cycles and small teams that work in parallel. APIs stand for documented programming interfaces with a reliable availability.