How to bring grocery e-commerce into your next board meeting.


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In this whitepaper you will learn about the current state of the grocery industry and its accelerated shift to digital, including:

  • The opportunity for grocery e-commerce
  • Technology requirements for setting up and running e-grocery 
  • How to keep control of your brand online
  • How grocery e-commerce software can improve your content management 
  • The implications for order fulfillment 
  • How to run a successful online grocery chain 

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About Emporix

Emporix is a headless commerce software company that provides a state-of-the-art platform built for grocery chains. Now, with predictable costs, grocers can effortlessly expand into e-commerce and deliver a superior online shopping experience for customers at every digital touch-point.

  • A microservices architecture enables agile development for online stores in record times
  • A Starter Kit sets up online ordering with features to add pick-up and delivery services
  • An intuitive Commerce Dashboard manages products, orders and customers

With 10 years of grocery experience and state-of-the-art headless commerce software, Emporix has everything needed to run a successful online grocery chain.