From Monolith to Composable Commerce

Learn what's critical to realigning your digital commerce strategy - moving away from rigid legacy technologies paralyzing your business to composable commerce that makes your business sustainable and future-proof.

Here's what you'll find in this extensive deep dive into replatforming:

  • Reasons for change - there are many, you will have yours too
  • Approaches to change - which one fits your goals and your organization?
  • Building for sustainable commerce - how to avoid technology dead ends
  • Replatforming in action - rethink planning and implementation

Compose Your Ideal Commerce Solution.

Virtually Infinite Possibilities

Think outside of the box. Don’t build inside it. Get all of the standard commerce capabilities and fit them into the business processes that are making you unique.

A composable commerce solution enables you to deploy best of breed applications effortlessly

Leverage Your Existing Tools

From CMS to ERP, Marketing Automation to Order Fulfillment, all B2B business processes are available without heavy development processes.

Benefit from proven business logic with end-to-end support of advanced digital commerce.

Look Sharp with our Web API Stack

React.JS, Vue.JS / ~Store, JAMStack, or mobile native technology –pick your poison –we don’t mind.

Consume our web APIs wherever you see fit, or whatever delivers the best experience for your customers.