complete guide

The Emporix  Multi-Site Concept


This complete guide will walk you through the fundamentals of multi-site eCommerce 

Whether you manage multiple physical store locations, multiple geographies, or a mix of warehouses, stores, and online channels, you need a solution purpose-built for omnichannel eCommerce.
The goal of this in-depth guide is to go through:
  • the basics of multi-site concepts
  • show you how to minimize overheads from multiple sites while creating touchpoints tailored to a specific audience
  • Emporix’s zone concept and the benefits for your business efficiency


“A unique aspect of Emporix’s multi-Site concept is that it understands that a “Site” could also be a physical location and how such a site would be subdivided into zones, racks, shelves, sections, and bin locations“
_Stefan Schmidt, CPO